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Free Customer Drop Off!!

That’s right! It’s free to drop off your machine! 😉 LOL. But seriously, bring your equipment to Matt’s and get it back quicker!  

You will need to schedule your drop off. Matt’s is a smaller shop and has to control how much space is in the shop.

To schedule your drop off, head to the service page that matches your equipment (g0 to the services tab op top and selecting your equipment you need serviced.) Note that Matt’s has times where we are not taking in off season equipment, but will open that back up later when it gets closer to the next season, or if it has slowed down in the shop. You can also call and get on our waiting list. 

When you arrive, back right up to the garage door on the front left side of the building. Matt will come out to help you get your equipment unloaded and into the shop! Do not bring equipment in through the front customer entrance door.

Schedule your drop off from the appropriate service page from the service tab above! 

All drop offs must be during business hours.

(If you drop off equipment with no one present, it will be refused service or worse, get stolen!)

"Matt is awesome to work with - professional, friendly, and fair. I called him to tune up the mower in the spring and the pick up and delivery service was a MAJOR convenience! Recently he came out to pick up the mower for a repair and got it running without the need to take it in. Not only that, he came out a week early after I made a scheduling error! Great guy! Thanks again, Matt!!"
Karla M. - Minneapolis, MN