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Small Engine Recycling Services

Gas Recycling, Snow Blower Disposal, Lawn Mower Disposal
Small Engine Equipment Disposal and more!

Matt’s provides lawn mower disposal, snow blower disposal, small engine equipment disposal, gas recycling and more! 

Power Equipment Recycling

Snow Blower Disposal

Looking To Recycle Your Equipment? 

Matt’s provides an easy, safe, and environmentally friendly recycling/disposal service for all your equipment…

  • Snow Blower Recycling
  • Lawn Mower Recycling
  • Riding Mower Recycling
  • Outdoor Power Equipment Recycling
  • Small Engine Equipment Recycling
  • And More! Call to find out if Matt’s can help you!

Take the hassle out of getting rid of that hunk of junk. Drop it off at Matt’s or have him pick it up for you! Have old gas that you need to get rid of? Matt’s can recycle that as well!

Regular Sized Equipment

(Push lawn mowers, snow blowers, tillers, generators, etc.)

$65 per item

Riding Lawn Mower / Large Equipment

(Lawn tractors/riding mowers, zero turns, etc.)

$100 per item

Need it picked up? Matt’s can help with that! Give him a call to learn more about pick up and recycling.

Gas Recycling / Disposal

Gas’ octane value degrades over time, up to one octane point each month. If you have a can of old gas that you are looking to recycle, and don’t want the hassle of finding your local hazardous waste facility, bring it to Matt’s! 

Matt’s will take your old gas and ensure that it is environmentally recycled through his contracted refinement business who will recycle your gas to be used again. 

Matt’s accepts gasoline (regular gasolines and 2 cycle gas/oil mix. No diesel).*

Gasoline Disposal Cost: 

$5 per gallon 

* Gas must be brought in a state and federally approved gas can. Matt’s is not able to dispose of the gas container itself but will ensure that all the gas is emptied out of the container. Gas must be brought to Matt’s shop only during business hours. Customers who drop off gas outside will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

Environmentally Friendly Recycling

Matt’s is passionate about the environment. 

I know…it is hard to see that old trusty machine go, but rest assured that Matt’s will take the proper steps to recycle your equipment or gas in the most environmentally friendly way. 

Matt’s has contracted with recycling centers so that everything that can be recycled, will.

Gasoline disposal is contracted with a local gasoline recycling center, which reprocesses the old, stale gas, and gas/oil mix, so that it can be used again. 

Your equipment is also processed and recycled with a local recycling center who will create something new with its materials! Oil and gas are recycled and the equipment is broken down and sorted for its own recycling. 

Lawn Mower Disposal


Online scheduling, mobile service, free pickup and delivery, easy to drop off too.


Upfront and honest service


Above and beyond commitment to always being there for you.


Quick turnaround, speedy parts delivery, clear expectations


Let's keep that extra money in your pocket and not mine.

"Matt was awesome! I live in Northeast Minneapolis and my snowblower had an impeller issue. Matt came to my house, diagnosed the problem, and got it up and running in no time. No need to haul it to a shop! Quick. Inexpensive. And best of all...convenient. I would highly recommend this service. Thanks Matt!"
Eric - Northeast Minneapolis, MN