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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

About/General Questions:

Matt’s Small Engine Repair is Twin Cities small engine repair business focused on community and customer relationships.


Located in St. Anthony, MN, Matt’s is dedicated to helping people with their small engine equipment and providing honest, fair, and straight forward service and repair. Check out Matt’s story here.

Nope! Matt's is a full service small engine shop in St Anthony, MN. I do however have some awesome personal projects that I work on in my garage. 😉 

Check out my location on my Contact Page!

You can check out Matt’s reviews on Google, NextDoor, Facebook, Yelp, and more. 

Hi! This is Matt. My goal and vision is to provide you awesome service and to build a relationship with you and the community. That means going further than my competitors. Being honest and fair. Being a good person and earning your trust. Small engines can be very frustrating, and I want to be the one you reach out to for help when they start giving you trouble. 

Because the experience of getting your equipment fixed shouldn't be terrible. I’ve been there, mid mowing and I can’t start it again, and wanting to be able to reach out to someone who is going to help me and make me feel good about it. 

Public / Shop Hours: Tuesday - Saturday from 10am - 3pm. Sunday and Monday closed. 

Equipment Drop Off Hours: By appointment during shop hours (to make sure that I am there and ready to help you unload!). To schedule a drop off appointment, call Matt at 612-386-9911.

Pick Up & Delivery Hours: Before and After shop hours and sometimes in between. 

Matt’s SER is located 2 miles west of 35W and County Road D in St. Anthony, MN. Click here to get to Matt’s. 

Yup! If you are within 5 driving miles of the shop, Matt’s will even do pick up and delivery for free! Learn more here

Yes! But it is best to make an appointment by calling Matt's at 612-386-9911. The reason being is that sometimes Matt has to run to get supplies or has an existing appointment with a customer. So please give Matt a call.  

Matt's offers limited mobile repair service depending on the fix and tools needed for the job. For the best repair, its best to have your equipment at Matt's shop with all the tools and supplies available. Matt’s understands that sometimes mobile repairs are more convenient and can try to accommodate, depending. Give Matt's a call to see if this is an option for you. 

Currently Matt's Small Engine Repair takes cash and checks only. Payment for repairs, service and maintenance is due upon completion of work. Rental and Loaner equipment required a deposit of one term, and remainder due upon return of equipment to Matt's. Storage payments are due up front for the package term, and any additional term will be billed monthly. 

Yes and No. Matt's Small Engine Repair does not hold a large inventory of parts. However, common parts like spark plugs, air filters, blades, and other common things are in stock. Anything else that you might need can be ordered through Matt's parts distributors. If you need something today, call Matt's. If I don't have it, I can point you to other shops that might or order it for you. 

Yes! Bring in your blades and get them sharpened while you wait. Blade sharpening is $10 a blade. Matt's will not sharpen any blades that are bent, unbalanced, or severely damaged though. If you think that is the case, best to just replace them. 

Small Engine Repair Questions:

Matt’s Small Engine Repair fixes all types of small engines. Lawn mowers, snow blowers, pressure washers, generators, tillers, weed wackers, and more. The only things that Matt’s doesn't work on right now are motorized vehicles (ATVs, Snowmobiles, Scooters, etc.) and marine equipment. Call Matt to ask if you have questions. 

Yes. Matt’s provides a 15 day warranty on all maintenance, repairs, and installation. 

Matt’s is happy to diagnose your problem, whether at your place or in his shop. 

Yes! If you are looking for tune ups, carburetor cleaning and more for your equipment, click here

Yes indeed! Proper winterization of your summer equipment is essential for having it start up in the spring. It is often messy, and can be confusing. So let Matt's take care of it for you!

Matt's also provides "summerization" of your snow blower and other winter equipment. Having this service will best ensure that your snow blower starts up for you next winter. 

Matt's is not contracted by any manufacturers to do warranty repair. If your equipment is still covered under warranty from the manufacturer, you will need to contact the manufacturer to find out which repair centers are authorized to give warranty repair. 

Right now, Matt's does not service or repair small engines that are on motorized equipment. His lawyers are working on it though. 😉 

Unfortunately, Matt's shop is not equipped to repair or provide maintenance to any marine equipment. He is looking for a fishing boat though if you are looking to give away yours. 

Pick Up and Delivery Questions:

Matt's is happy to come pick up and delivery your equipment. He provides free pick up and delivery within a 5 mile driving radius of his shop, and a reasonable round trip charge outside of that radius too! Click here to learn more about all of that! 

Matt's offers FREE pick up and delivery within a 5 mile driving radius of his shop. Outside of the free 5 mile driving radius, Matt's charges an affordable round trip delivery charge. Click here to learn more about delivery and charges.

Awesome question! Matt's provides pick up and delivery of up to 20 miles from his shop, but will make exceptions. Any trip outside 20 miles may incur additional travel charges. Click here to learn all about Matt's pick up and delivery services. 

Yes please! Matt's prefers that you are present during pick up and delivery to ensure the safety of your equipment. Last thing we need is for someone to think that your lawn mower is free for the taking. 

Matt's is all about security and safety of your equipment. If however, there was damage or loss of your equipment, Matt's is insured and will repair or replace your equipment. 

Yes! Let's talk. 

Matt's tries to ensure that your equipment is safe when picked up, in transit, and being delivered. Currently Matt's owns an open bed trailer for transporting equipment. 

Most equipment is fine to transport during rain or snow, but if you are worried and would like to reschedule, please give Matt a call as soon as you are able.

Matt's stores your equipment inside his shop, where it is warm and dry and will be able to dry off. 

Customer Drop Off / Pick Up Questions:

Starting November 1st, Matt's accepts customer drop offs and pick ups during normal shop hours and he'd prefer that you set up an appointment. He can also work with you on times before and after normal shop hours too. Matt's understands that your schedule might not work with shop hours. So don't be afraid to ask. Matt's flexible! 

Matt prefers that you schedule an appointment because sometimes he gets hungry or needs a part and has to leave the shop. So it is best to schedule an appointment or give him a call first. 

When you get to the shop, pull on up to the garage door on the left front side of the building. If you have scheduled an appointment, Matt will be ready to help you unload. If you are dropping off without an appointment, come walk in or ring the door bell! 

No! Do not drop off your equipment without Matt present. It will get stolen and Matt's is not responsible for this. Matt's will also refuse service and call you to come pick up your equipment. 

Small Engine Equipment Rental / Loaners Questions:

Yes! Matt's does have equipment for rent based on availability. Lawn mowers, snow blowers, pressure washers, tillers, and other lawn and garden equipment too. Give Matt's a call to inquire more. 

That's right! Matt's offers loaners for a discounted rental rate for customers who need it while their equipment is being repaired. Matt's understands that sometimes you just HAVE TO get that lawn mowed. It is based on availability though, so just ask if it might be available to you! 

Small Engine Equipment Storage Questions:

Matt's offers climate controlled storage at a great price for all your small engine equipment and tools. Having Matt's store things will ensure that they are ready for you when you need them and also provides you that extra space in your garage! No more tripping over your snow blower in the summer! Click here to learn more and sign up! 

All of it!! Riding lawn mowers, push mowers, generators, tillers, weed whackers... you get the idea. The more your store, the more you save with discounts on multiple equipment. And you can get them tuned up while they are being stored too! All at super reasonable rates. Go check out the details here! 

Yes! Matt's offers basic storage, storage and tune ups, repairs and ala cart services too! There are several different types of packages to chose from and you can learn more about them here

Yes! Matt's offers basic storage, storage and tune ups, repairs and ala cart services too! There are several different types of packages to chose from and you can learn more about them here

Yes indeed! If it has a small engine on it, Matt's will store it and make sure it is ready for you when you need it! There are several different types of packages to chose from and you can learn more about them here

Your equipment is safe at Matt's! His shop is climate controlled, video surveilled, armed, manned, and also fully insured. You can stay at ease knowing that Matt's is taking great care of your equipment while you are away. 

Small Engine Tips / Advice:

Getting your equipment ready for storage can be tricky (and messy), but the key is to make sure that it is getting the proper maintenance recommended by the manufacturer and also that the gas is either drained or has been stabilized. Gas starts going stale in as little as 30 days and can give you a world of headache when you try to start it. Don't worry though, Matt's is happy to help you! 

Honda! Just kidding. It is best to do your research and read reviews. Most of the time it's not about brand, but the engine on the equipment, or your intended use. If you got a small drive way, you dont have to get the 29" commercial grade 3 stage snow blower when a compact single stage will do! 

Other Questions:

Safety switches and mechanisms for your equipment are for your safety and Matt's will never bypass any safety measure that has been installed by the manufacturer. If your equipment has a bypassed safety switch that is part of the repair that Matt's is doing, he will restore the safety switch to its original intended function and will charge you for that work. Matt's takes safety seriously and strongly encourages customers not to bypass any safety switch or make modifications to equipment. 

If it is found that the problem with your equipment is due to the electrical components, Matt's has the right to refuse the work and will charge a normal diagnostic fee. 

Matt's will on occasion buy people's used equipment depending on condition and value. If you have equipment that you are looking to sell, please give Matt a call. 

Matt does occasionally have used equipment to sell as well, and comes with a 30 day warranty. If you are interested in what equipment Matt's is currently selling, please send him an inquiry via email and he will get back to you! 

Unfortunately Matt's does not help sell people's equipment but there are some great places for you to sell your equipment. Facebook Marketplace and Craigslists are great resources for selling your equipment, plus many other sites!