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10 Ironclad Lawn Mowing Tips for a Happy Summer!

10 Ironclad Lawn Mowing Tips

Want some lawn mowing tips for this summer? For most of us, mowing the lawn is just a weekly task in the summer. A chore for most, and a headache for many. But following some simple tips will make for easy lawn mowing and promote healthy growth for your grass. Here are 10 easy lawn mowing tips that will help you and your lawn, and maybe even make it more enjoyable!

10 Ironclad lawn mowing tips that are easy to do, and will help save you time and money!

  1. Walk Through First – Take a quick walk around your yard to get an idea of trouble spots, and areas that need more attention. Check for sticks, rocks, and other debris that can damage your blade. Also look for insect nests in the ground. Nobody wants to run over an active wasps nest. The number of adult wasps in an average sized ground nest is over 500!
  2. Timing – Picking the right time to mow your lawn is very important for healthy, quick recovery. Mowing in the morning or evening is best because it offers shade, and is usually cooler than during the day.
  3. Think “One Third” – How much you cut, and total length of grass is important. Longer grass develops stronger roots and helps promote healthy, green grass. How much you cut off the top is also important. It’s recommended that you only cut 1/3rd of the length of grass. Whatever you do, DON’T scalp! Cutting your grass low to the ground will bring more disease and unhealthy roots.
  4. Sharp Blade – A dull blade will make ragged cuts to the blades of grass, helping diseases penetrate better and will also make the cut tips of the blade brown. Having a sharp blade prevents this and is inexpensive to get done by your local shop, or by Matt’s! 😉
  5. Skip Bagging – Grasscycling (letting cut grass lay in your lawn) gives up to 25% fertilizer back into your soil, saves you time of emptying your bag, and saves money on yard bags. You can use a regular blade, or invest in a mulching blade for your mower that will cut those clippings into smaller pieces which will help decompose the dead clippings. Mind you though, if you are going to skip bagging, make sure you stick to the “One Third” rule! Too much dead grass on lawns will cover grass and make it harder to grow – it can even kill grass. (If you look behind you and have clumps of cut grass on your lawn, you are cutting too much!)
  6. Mowing Pattern – Switch it up! Mowing in different patterns helps to minimize compacting of soil and ruts created by your mower’s wheels.
  7. Maintain Your Mower – Having a mower that has full power, sharp blade, and a clean undercarriage will make for quicker work and a beautiful yard. Remember too – most manufacturers recommend changing your oil and air filter as soon as after 20-40 hours of use.
  8. Cut When Dry – You can cut your grass when it is damp or wet, but it’s not recommended. Grass stands its tallest when it is dry, making for a nice even cut. Wet grass will gunk up the undercarriage of your mower, decreasing cutting performance. Mowing in wet conditions can also create ruts that will dry up and become hard, hurting the health of your grasses root system. Plus, your boots will turn green and your neighbors will all judge you.
  9. Stay Hydrated – Remember to take care of yourself when it comes to getting out there in the heat of the summer! Drink a glass of water to help your body and mind tackle the task. Water helps to regulate your internal body temperature, helps lubricate joints, and helps to supply your cells with oxygen and nutrients.
  10. Celebrate Your Hard Work! – You’ve gotten the job done and put the mower away. Now’s the time to grab a tasty beverage and revel in your freshly cut lawn!

Hopefully with these simple tips, your lawn will be beautiful and you will have enjoyed doing it.

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